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We deliver language services that are culturally appropriate and linguistically accessible


 translation services

We specialise in the eleven official South African languages. We have specialists in the Nguni languages, the Sotho languages, as well as English and Afrikaans. Our Tshivenda and Xitsonga experts provide masterful translations.

Editing & Proofing


We provide a quick and efficient service to deliver perfect copy on a variety of topics and in a variety of languages to give you, your company or organisation the edge in your communication efforts.


A translation glossary is a collection of terms with translations, definitions, uses, and associated notes. It is often required for specialised subjects and we have the necessary skills to deal with these disciplines.


We provide simultaneous and consecutive interpreting in all the official languages of South Africa, as well as in a number of European languages. In addition, we provide whispered simultaneous mode interpretation. 

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About Us

Office & Project Manager: Ketiwe Ndhlovu.  Dr Ketiwe Ndhlovu is a vibrant and dynamic linguist who holds the following qualifications: a PhD in Translation Studies (University of Fort Hare/UNISA) entitled “An investigation of strategies used by Ndebele translators in Zimbabwe translating HIV/AIDS texts: A corpus-based approach”, Masters in African Languages and Literature (University of Zimbabwe), BA(Hons) in Religious Studies and Ndebele (University of Zimbabwe), Diploma in Marketing LCCI Examination Board, Certificate in Facilitation of Learning (Fort Hare), Certificate in Mentorship (UNISA), Certificate in Assessment and Moderation of Student Learning (Fort Hare).

She has 16 years’ experience in teaching at university level – Literature, Language (English, Ndebele and Zulu) and Translation Studies. Additionally, she was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Fort Hare (2012–2013) and at the University of South Africa (2015–2017). During this period, she presented papers at multiple conferences both locally and internationally, planned successful colloquia to celebrate International Translation Day at UNISA and has several publications in accredited journals. 

Ketiwe’s love of language is showcased by her continuous research in the field of African languages and Translation Studies. She can speak, read and write in English, Northern and Southern Ndebele, Zulu, Xhosa, Swati and Shona (though at varying degrees). As academic, she is still active as researcher and supervisor of postgraduate students in Translation/Interpreting Studies, currently supervising four D and one M student. (A detailed CV is available.) 



We aspire to offer efficient and effective multilanguage translation and interpretation services to our clients across southern Africa, across the continent and world-wide. Our extensive network of well qualified and experienced translators, interpreters and linguists strives to provide professional services which are unsurpassed, culturally appropriate, accurate and fast – from start to finish.


To bridge language barriers, enhance communication and make knowledge accessible, useful and understandable.

We provide services in the following languages:


South African languages Other languages
Afrikaans French
English Portuguese
IsiNdebele German
IsiXhosa Italian
IsiZulu Spanish
Sesotho Swahili
Sepedi Arabic
Setswana Shona & Ndebele (Zimbabwe)
SiSwati Other languages on request

We achieve the consistently high quality of translation that our clients appreciate by being multisector specialists. For each assignment, we appoint an experienced project manager who assembles the most appropriate team of translators, proofreaders and editors to ensure that all technical and specialised nuances of the source documents are properly understood and translated.

Summary of Key Services

Translation: general content, financial, legal, website content, medical, veterinary, reformulation of medical info, children’s books, natural history, educational, tourism info, adverts and video scripts. More info

Interpretation: simultaneous mode (for conferences and meetings); consecutive mode (court cases, disciplinary hearings); or whispered sim mode (one-on-one, with or without equipment). More info

Editing and Proofing: generally coupled with translation, but not always, can be done as stand-alone service for publishers or other clients; and validation of terms, text strings and content of manuals. More info

Glossaries: compilation and translation of glossaries; extracting terms and phrases; translating terms and definitions. More info


We continue to grow and fulfil our mission to bridge language barriers, enhance communication and make knowledge accessible, useful and understandable.

Important Info

Multilanguage Services delivers fast, accurate language services to national and international businesses across multiple sectors, including marketing, legal and healthcare. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.

Current Projects

01  CText, North West Univ

02   Univ of Cape Town

03   Bridgestone

04   Royal Bafokeng Nation

05   Hitchcock Michalski

06   CSIR

07   The Health Source


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The process of rendering a written text from one language into another


The process of rendering an oral message from one language into another

Editing and Proofing

Editing involves correcting grammatical and other errors while proofing is last-minute checking

Compilation & Translation of Glossaries

A glossary is a collection of terms with definitions and translations used for a specific subject field 

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