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We deliver editing services that are culturally appropriate and linguistically accessible


 translation services

We specialise in the eleven official South African languages. We have specialists in the Nguni languages, the Sotho languages, as well as English and Afrikaans. Our Tshivenda and Xitsonga experts provide masterful translations.

Editing & Proofing


We provide a quick and efficient service to deliver perfect copy on a variety of topics and in a variety of languages to give you, your company or organisation the edge in your communication efforts.


A translation glossary is a collection of terms with translations, definitions, uses, and associated notes. It is often required for specialised subjects and we have the necessary skills to deal with these disciplines.


We provide simultaneous and consecutive interpreting in all the official languages of South Africa, as well as in a number of European languages. In addition, we provide whispered simultaneous mode interpretation. 

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We provide a quick and efficient service to deliver perfect copy on a variety of topics and in a variety of languages to give you, your company or organisation the edge in your communication efforts.

Many people view the quality of one’s writing as a gauge of their ability and professionalism. Therefore, your writing must be edited, or at least proofread, to ensure it is clear, concise as well as error free, and that it projects a professional image.

We refine your original document without changing your writing style. This ensures that the document retains your authentic voice.


All copy is edited using track changes, so that you can see where and how we’ve changed your text.

We do standalone editing – for example, for publishing houses – although our editing is more often than not coupled with translation. In the latter instance, many clients require that we enlist two teams who work independently on their aspects of the project, but who co-operate well.


A basic standalone proofreading service is offered, whereby we run a final check of your document. Again, our proofreading projects are often coupled with translation.


Cellphone providers may use us to validate terms, text strings or the content of translated user manuals. We deploy teams comprising experienced translators or editors to do such specialised validation work. Undergoing training abroad and being provided with simulated cellphones on our PC monitors allows us to have hands-on experience of using each device and hence be able to properly check the appropriateness of the text of a particular manual.

Translation, editing and proofing combined

We offer this combined service and in the past have set up to six teams to work in as many as ten languages to translate, edit and proofread on a single project.

No job is too big or too small for us. No job is too simple or too complex for us.

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Multilanguage Services delivers fast, accurate language services to national and international businesses across multiple sectors, including marketing, legal and healthcare. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.

Current Projects

01  CText, North West Univ

02   Univ of Cape Town

03   Bridgestone

04   Royal Bafokeng Nation

05   Hitchcock Michalski

06   CSIR

07   The Health Source


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The process of rendering a written text from one language into another


The process of rendering an oral message from one language into another

Editing and Proofing

Editing involves correcting grammatical and other errors while proofing is last-minute checking

Compilation & Translation of Glossaries

A glossary is a collection of terms with definitions and translations used for a specific subject field 

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